About me

Hello, I’m Aleix Murtra! I’m currently working as a Site Reliability Engineer at MANGO. Here you can check a little abstract about me :)

Hobbies 🎮

One of my growing interests is IoT. My goal is to domotize all home. Currently I have a couple of Raspberry Pi’s that manages lamps, plugs, temperature sensors, cameras, TV’s, music, and so on.

I work in a lot of projects with my colegues, we love cloud computing and serverless technologies, so we try to learn and implement all of these. As an example, this site is built with Hugo and is stored at Netlify :)

Now, let me answer these short questions:

Experience 📰

(Q4/2020 to current) — Site Reliability Engineer at mango.com

(2020 to Q4/2020) — Cloud Site Reliability Engineer at Capside | NTT

(Q2/2019 to 2020) — Site Reliability Engineer at N26

(2015 to Q2/2019) — Systems Engineer at mango.com

I enjoyed working in a small but funny team managing infrastructure regarding MANGO e-commerce site. We work with cloud technologies, CDN’s, containers, and so on. We enjoy so much creating scripts/templates that automatize things and make our live easier.

(2014 to 2015) — Systems Engineer intern at MA1/UPC

I managed a very small on-premise datacenter. In this job it was the first time I made a setup for a production server!

(2013 to 2014) — Systems Engineer intern at DAFIB/UPC

My first job! I developed a new webpage for this association, I managed their server configuring an Apache2, LDAP, updates…

Education 🎓

(2015 to 2016) — Master in Cybersecurity at UOC

(2011 to 2015) — Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at FIB-UPC